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  • VERSION97D+99i+ Kalima
  • EXP90x-60x (DYNAMIC)
  • DROPS75%
  • MAX LVL350
  • MAX RESETS1 ~ 15


  • TOTAL ONLINE 15 / 100

Server Relaunch 13.3.2019 March 13, 2019 | 01:55



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Offical Re-Opening with fresh ACCOUNTS and Database is completed

Register your account and download the client and have it ready to go!

Contact us on Discord / Facebook for any further support or questions


Last Update: 14.3.2019


Reset System - Fixed

Happy Hour Enabled fully!

Rankings list - In Progress


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MURPG 97D Reopening Configs
# Server Host : France
# DDos: Protected
# Server Exp: Dynamic
0-3Res: x90 / 3-7Res: x80
7-13Res: x70 / 13-15Res: x60
# Server Drop: 75%
# Excellent drop rate: DYNAMIC
 (Dynamic means: Easier map=Easier droprate / Harder map= Harder drop rate)
# Jewel Rates: Life:60% , Soul+luck:75% , Soul:65%
# Machine Rates: Mix+10:55% , Mix+11:65% , Wingsmix:75%
# Level Resets: 330-350 on WebSite (We recommend 350level)
# Clear Skills on Resets: YES
# Clear Points on Resets: YES
# Clear Inventory on Resets: YES
# Max Resets: 15 , Max Level : 350
# Points: BK,ELF,SM=5 MG=8
# Max points: 7115(ELF,SM,BK) - 8142 For MG
# Zen for Reset: 30.000.000 zen
# PK Clear: 5,000,000 zen x kill (type /pkclear)
# Invasion every 1 hour
(x8 Goblins,x4 Taikan,x4 Dragon,x4 Titan,x3 Tantalos)
# Kalima map Boss respawn every 2 hours
# Server drops are simillar to old TheGame 0.97d.
# Happy Hour every 6Hours (24:00,6:00,12:00,18:00)


# Check Drops LIST


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Your character must be at least level 330 to reset.

if you want to you can reset between level 330 and 349 
you will get exactly same points of the level that your character has been resetted.

1. You can reset your character up to 15 times.
2. Your character must be offline to reset.
3. Important: Save all your items in warehouse. Items from inventory will be deleted. (except Zen).
4. Your character must be at least level 330. After you reset you will be level 1 and You will receive extra points too, one point per character level (which you resetted)
5. Reset price is 20.000.000 zen. Zen must be in your inventory.
6. Follow this steps carefully or your reset might not be successful.


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PK Clearing is calculated base on the number of players you've killed. 

Here are the rules:
PKClear price (5.000.000) Per Kill
1. Your zen will be reduced from your char inventory (not from warehouse/vault).
2. If your PK is lower than 50 times, your zen will be reduced by PK*1.
3. If your PK is higher than 50 times and lower than 100, your main hability will be reduced by PK*1 points and zen by PK*1.
use /pkclear command in game aswell or from our website user panel.

4. If your PK doesnt clear, please contact us.